Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zimmer Knee Problems Result of Faulty Device

It is estimated that approximately 130,000 patients receive knee replacements each year to treat deterioration caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis and other causes. Zimmer Holdings, a world leader in knee replacement devices, manufactures the NexGen CR-Flex device, which has been marketed as the knee replacement of the future. Featuring a unique, cementless design, the model was designed to give patients a much wider range of motion compared to other knee replacement devices.

The Zimmer Knee and NexGen Defects

However, the NexGen CR-Flex has received serious criticism due to reports of faulty craftsmanship and a partial product recall in September 2010. The recall was based on the device presenting a "nonconforming and inconsistent geometry." The model is reported to fail by loosening at the femur joint, in effect reducing a patient's range of movement and causing significant pain. Affected patients must undergo additional procedures, including premature Zimmer revision surgery, to correct the problem.

In Chicago, a multi-district litigation (MDL) has formed to protect patients who have fallen victim to Zimmer knee problems. At the time of its formation, the MDL consisted of 73 plaintiffs and was slated for the U.S. District Court in Chicago's Northern District of Illinois. Since the first filing, many more plaintiffs have joined – and still more are expected to come onboard. The MDL will help streamline the pre-trial process, making Zimmer lawsuits more efficient and hopefully producing quick results.

Zimmer Knee Lawsuits

Mary Dor Ann Smith, a plaintiff in the MDL, reports serious Zimmer knee problems as a result of a Zimmer NexGen Complete Knee Solution System. Smith's Zimmer knee lawyer claims that Smith has experienced significant side effects, including loss of range of motion and pain caused by her knee replacement. Like other Zimmer knee plaintiffs, Smith has filed a Zimmer knee lawsuit for negligence, personal injury, and product liability, and is seeking reparation including punitive damages and compensation.
Though Zimmer Holdings claims that these problems are due to incorrect implantation techniques, Zimmer knee lawsuits are already underway. Zimmer knee lawyers, including those in the Chicago MDL, are seeking compensation for their plaintiff's injuries and suffering.