Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zimmer Hip Settlements Could Be Ahead

A number of people have already filed Zimmer Hip Lawsuit against orthopedics manufacturing company Zimmer, whose responsibility for the hip replacement device known as the Durom Cup has seen many people turn their attention in the company’s direction—but most of the press is negative. Democrats on the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce are getting involved—questioning why harmful brain stents and metal-on-metal Zimmer hip replacement recall continue to be sold throughout the United States with little oversight. 
Metal-on-metal hip replacement systems like the Zimmer Durom cup come in a variety of models from a variety of manufacturers but often side effects are the same. Component loosening, soft tissue damage, bone fracture, metal poisoning (metallosis), premature device dislocation, and Zimmer hip revision surgery are all directly linked to metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. This is worrisome to some House Democrats, who hope to convince Republicans that this issue needs to be looked into with greater depth.
Zimmer patients who have experienced severe side effects already know the issues that brought the devices to the attention of a part of the United States’ government. Zimmer actually recalled the Durom cup for a short time, claiming that they fixed the problems associated with it, but patients are still skeptical—especially those who have had to undergo hip revision surgery, a complex procedure that comes with a number of its own risks. 
Those who have experienced side effects of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems like the Zimmer Durom cup should contact a lawyer as quickly as possible to ensure that they stay within the statute of limitations for their state.

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