Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zimmer Hip Lawyers Could Help Plaintiffs Net Thousands

Although as with any litigation, it is not clear how much compensation a plaintiff stands to receive if he or she wins a Durom Cup case against Zimmer Holdings, the amount could be significant, especially since the vast number of people affected negatively by the hip replacement system is indicative of a flaw in the product. Zimmer first introduced its hip replacement system to the market in 2006, and it was not long before complaints started coming in of side effects such as hip implant dislocation, pain, stiffness, and perhaps most notably, metal poisoning. The metal-on-metal nature of the device caused the two components of the hip replacement system to rub together, shredding microscopic bits of metal into the patient’s bloodstream and surrounding tissues. This caused metallosis, or metal poisoning, in some patients, a condition which can cause severe pain and inflammation. Patients across the country are filing Zimmer hip lawsuits to recieve the compensation they deserve.

Zimmer temporarily pulled the device from shelves in 2008, claiming that the problems that were being experienced by patients were being caused by improper or incomplete surgical technique. They re-issued the device shortly afterwards, with more precise and detailed surgical instructions. Unfortunately for Zimmer – an for hip replacement patients worldwide – side effects continued to plague patients.
Spurred on partly by the Zimmer case, the Food and Drug Administration has now mandated that 20 major American manufacturers of hip replacement systems submit reports on the post-implant performance of the devices they manufacture. This includes submitting statistics on the rates of Zimmer hip revision surgery as well as reports on blood tests conducted on patients in order to determine whether they have elevated levels of metal in their bloodstream. This will hopefully steer the orthopedics industry in the right direction – and prevent future patients from being harmed by the devices.

This does not change what has already happened, however, and potentially thousands of victims of Zimmer Durom Cup side effects are looking into taking legal action in order to gain some amount of financial compensation that could help cover medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses associated with side effects from a potentially faulty hip replacement system. In addition, the reports from the major U.S. orthopedics manufacturers could have a huge impact on the case. However, it is still unknown when the results of these reports will be released either to the Food and Drug Administration or to the public, so for now many will simply have to wait. Victims suffering from the adverse effects of Zimmer hip implants are advised to consult with an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer immediately.

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