Friday, June 10, 2011

Zimmer Hip Failure Affects Thousands

Before suspending sales of the Zimmer Durom Cup, Zimmer allowed approximately 12,000 people in the United States to receive their Durom Cup, even though they knew or should have known that doctors were provided with inadequate warnings and instructions about the surgical techniques required to avoid failure of the hip replacement parts. Zimmer’s own research data estimates that some doctors experienced Zimmer hip failure rates as high as 5.7%, though many estimate the numbers much higher. For months after doctors started reporting Zimmer Durom hip problems, Zimmer ignored safety concerns and refused to conduct a full investigation. According to current lawsuits, Zimmer has allowed thousands of people to be implanted with the Durom Cup without adequately disclosing the risks and necessary surgical techniques.

The modern hip replacement operation, using such mechanical parts as those manufactured by Zimmer Durom, has been taking place for almost 40 years. One of the most common issues with hip replacements is the need for Zimmer hip revision, or a further surgery to correct issues with the implant. Unfortunately, this is something many elderly and even healthy young patients cannot tolerate. Though Zimmer Durom has maintained that this high failure rate is caused by surgeon error, it pulled the replacement from the market in July 2008.

Of the major hip replacement manufacturers, the top companies posted the names of consultants on their Web sites under Sept. 27 agreements with U.S. prosecutors to settle claims that they paid kickbacks to surgeons who used their products. Zimmer Holdings Inc. paid more than $1 million this year to 21 consultants. In fact, it was one of their top consultants who blew the whistle on the early malfunction of the Durom Cup.Victims suffering from the adverse side effects of Zimmer hip implant failure are advised to consult with an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer to ensure proper representation in filling a lawsuit.

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