Monday, July 11, 2011

Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuits: A Small Consolation?

Individuals who have been fitted with Zimmer’s Durom Cup hip replacement system and have experienced some of the many side effects associated with it may be entitled to file a Zimmer Hip lawsuit against the orthopedics manufacturing giant, and the company may even choose to settle with the plaintiff out of court. However, this is little consolation for some patients, who may have dealt with excruciating pain and other complications related to their side effects.

There is some speculation that metal-on-metal hip replacement systems, of which the Durom Cup is one, may simply be unsafe for patients to use, no matter the manufacturer or the design. The Food and Drug Administration has issued recalls or suspensions of sales on many metal-on-metal hip replacement systems over the past several years, and many of these cases were related to Zimmer Hip implant failure. A rival company to Zimmer, DePuy Orthopedics, saw their ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement system recalled last August after it was shown to shed metallic ions into a patient’s tissue and bloodstream.
If particles or ions of metal are shed into the bloodstream, as is the case with many metal-on-metal joint replacement systems, it can cause a condition known as metallosis. A form of metal poisoning, metallosis is characterized by inflammation of the affected area and severe pain.

Some Durom Cup patients have required hip revision surgery, a painful and risky procedure that can be complicated even for experienced surgeons to perform. Due to pre-existing damage and scar tissue from prior surgery, the healing time for a revision surgery can be much longer than that with the patient had to endure after his or her initial hip replacement surgery. Because of this, and the added financial cost of a second surgery, many patients have chosen to file suit against Zimmer.

The company has set aside almost $150 million to compensate recipients of the Durom Cup hip replacement system, and many of the 90,000 recipients worldwide may be looking to file suit in order to win damages that can help cover medical costs and other expenses related to their side effects. Those suffering from the adverse effects of Zimmer Hip failure are advised to consult with an experienced Zimmer Hip lawyer.

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