Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zimmer Hip Replacement Problems Concern Many

About 12,000 patients have been fitted with the Zimmer hip replacement system, marketed under the name Durom cup, and many of these patients have been experiencing side effects and complications related to their implant that simply should not be happening. Luckily there is a course of action they can take – patients who have experienced any of the following symptoms, or any others believed to be related to the Zimmer hip implant, should first consult their doctors and then seek legal advice to see if they have a chance at a potential settlement in relation to the case.
Startup pain is a complicated side effect, because it is one of the symptoms that almost all hip implant recipients experience in the months following their surgery, because the body is healing around the implant. It involves pain when the patient stands up from a sedentary position. It is somewhat normal for this pain to last for a few months following surgery – however, in many cases with the Zimmer hip replacement, the pain may persist until the device is replaced in a risky second surgery known as a hip revision surgery.
Zimmer hip replacement patients also limp – again, this is true in many cases as patients develop an “antalgic gait” which favors an undamaged limb. However, limping is often more noticeable in Zimmer hip replacement patients than in patients who are healing well and with few complications. Patients also have been reported to experience groin pain, a sharp pain that manifests when the patient stands up from a seated position. This can be so severe that it can prohibit users from enjoying activities for which they have to stand. Other side effects can include pain while walking up and particularly down stairs and loss of endurance.
All of these conditions are cause for concern especially because they may prevent a patient from leading an active life.

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